Jakarta SmartCity 2022

Strengthening Urban Governance, Prosperity and Innovation in Jakarta

The goal of this report is to develop an entrepreneurial ecosystem strategy and implementation plan for Jakarta to foster an entrepreneurial friendly policy. The policy recommendation study is conducted and developed by Sixty Two and Nation Insights.

A Joint Collaboration

The New Normal

Jakarta today offers a plethora of opportunities, thanks to the diversity and the collaborative spirit imprinted in the community. However, the recent crisis demands a new frame to guide the people in living a post-pandemic lifestyle, most apparent about the policy to nurture values, innovation, and job growth.

Through the sister city partnership, Jakarta and Berlin are joining forces to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem by implementing the project “Smart Change”, funded by the European Union. Within the area of policy, Jakarta and Berlin partner up to identify the gaps and improvements to address entrepreneurs’ challenges of today.


Policy Recommendations Formation Process

We conducted three (3) extensive co-creation process, such as quantitative studies, in-depth interviews & co-design workshop to ensure the creation of inclusive policy recommendations




in-depth interview


MSME Segments & Startups



Industry Categories

Policy Recommendation

For a Stronger Ecosystem




key areas



In collaboration with Sixty Two and Nation Insights, the project gathered feedback from hundreds of entrepreneurs in the city about the multi-dimensional business challenges they face to stay resilient.

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For many entrepreneurs, the decision to turn into innovations depends on the ease to adopt technology, trained workforces, and multiple sources of finance. Yet, navigating the complex regulation is a major challenge for most lay business people. To expedite the economic recovery post-pandemic recession, the stakeholders in the ecosystem are urged to formulate the right policy to simplify such challenges.

— Kariem El-Ali, Senior Policy Advisor